Wall Repair
Tub Wall Repair AfterTub Wall DamageWall repair may be needed when a tub surround or shower has had water leaks for an extended period of time and there is a softening of the wall board causing the tiles to become loose. Wall repairs are often caused by the failure of caulking or cracked grout that was not repaired. The area of the wall needing the repair is most often near the bottom rows of tiles nearest the caulking.

During a wall repair the old tiles are removed from the wall and the old adhesives and grout are stripped off. Damaged wall board is removed or redressed. Cement board is attached to replace the areas that need repair. The tiles removed during the wall repair are reset and regrouted. The wall is like new again.

You may need a wall repair if during the cleaning of your shower you hear a crackling sound coming from your tiles. If tapping on your tiles creates a hollow sound then the tile is often unattached and may indicate that a wall repair is needed.