Travertine Repair
TravertineTravertine Pits BeforeTravertine is a popular stone because of it's beautiful character. Travertine is a soft stone with natural pits that create pleasing patterns. Travertine often needs repairs because of both it's softness and the pits in the stone.  Because of the softness of the travertine, even a well sealed stone surface may need repair and polishing because of normal use and contact with acids from foods or cleaners.

Travertine repair is often required to remedy problems concerning the natural pits in the stone. The pits are usually filled in with grout or epoxy but with normal use fillers can fall out and new pits can form when a thin layer of stone, grout or epoxy opens up exposing the pit beneath. Travertine repair closes up those pits with a new application of grout or epoxy depending on the circumstances.

Travertine repair is especially needed as part of a maintenance program when the stone is used in showers. The pits in the stone are a natural place for mold and mildew to form. To repair the travertine these pits are cleaned with non acidic cleaners and filled in. Sealers are then applied to help prevent future damage. Drying travertine after use is the best way to lessen the frequency of travertine repair even when the stone is in a high use shower.