Tile and Grout Restoration
Kitchen Tile and Grout Restoration AfterKitchen Tile and Grout Restoration AfterSome surfaces have damage or wear that cannot be cleaned away. Sometimes the tile and grout require restoration. Chips, cracks, stains, discoloration and age can make a once beautiful surface ugly or unusable. Tile and grout restoration means a full service repair and reconditioning of your tile to restore it's function and beauty. Chipped or broken tiles are hammered out and new tiles are set. Old grout is regrouted with new grout. Old caulking is cut away and new caulking is applied. Sealers are used to protect the new surface. Your tile and grout restoration project will return your counter top, vanity or floor to the best condition they have been in since they were new.

It is OK if you do not have replacement tiles. Most older homes will not have replacement tiles but the tile and grout restoration can still make the surface better looking and more sanitary by deep cleaning, regrouting, and recaulking. Tile and grout restoration returns damaged surfaces to the best condition it can be and is a fraction of the cost of replacement.