Stone Cleaning
Stone Sealing MarbleStone cleaning removes old coatings and cleaning residues that can make a beautiful surface ugly and is a mandatory step in the stone sealing process. Many cleaners are not appropriate for stone cleaning and can cause extensive damage. Cleaners with acids, including chlorine, can deeply etch softer stones like marble, limestone and travertine and should be avoided completely. Granite too can be damaged by some cleaners. Only cleaners made for stone cleaning should be used on natural stone. These stone specific cleaners are readily available for daily cleaning of your stone surfaces at many stores and can be obtained from retailers of tile and stone.

Grout Pro performs a deep stone cleaning with professional strength stone specific products prior to sealing of natural stone surfaces. This cleaning removes oils, cleaner residues and soap and shampoo films and allows full penetration of the sealers. During the cleaning process drops, masking, venting of fumes and specialized tools and experience are utilized to make the stone cleaning process safe for you and your home.