Shower Leaks
Missing GroutMissing Grout BeforeShower leaks can cause much damage. Leaks can be caused by shower doors, missing grout or failed caulking. Grout Pro can help with all these issues and help identify if the leak will require calling a plumber.  

The first step in stopping shower leaks is to identify the cause. Most causes of shower leaks are obvious. Causes that are not obvious can be discovered with a few easy tests. 

If the problems are identified to be with the tile, grout, stone or caulking most shower leaks can be stopped by regrouting or recaulking as needed. Shower leaks caused by shower doors or windows are repaired by caulking or by removal of the framing, applying caulking in areas normally hidden by the framing, then replacing and recaulking the framing.

Shower leaks cause by a failed shower pan may require replacement of the shower pan. This is most common with basement showers due to construction methods commonly used during installation of basement showers