Regrout Kitchen AfterRegrout Kitchen BeforeIf the grout is damaged, soft, or the wrong color the best option is to regrout your tile. During a regrout the space between the tiles is opened up and the entire surface is deep cleaned to remove old sealer, cleaner residue, dirt and grease. New grout is applied and the tile or stone is recaulked and sealed. We remove the old grout during a regrout by hand. This limits the amount of dust in the home and prevents damage caused by the "bounce out" that often occurs with power tools.

A regrout is better than just patching damaged areas. Due to fact that the colors age, areas that are patched instead of the complete regrout will have differences in color even if the same brand is used in the regrout process. Surfaces that have had a regrout will have consistent color and will appear like new.

Showers with very thin or low grout can also benefit from a regrout since the space between the tiles creates a place for mold and mildew to thrive. A regrout will fill in any holes and help prevent leaks.