Refinish Saltillo Tiles
Refinish Saltillo Tiles Refinish Saltillo Tiles BeforeAs the coating on your pavers wears down it is important to refinish your Saltillo Tiles. This is the commonly used name for a class of flooring tile that are made from natural clays and are most commonly pink or reddish in color. They are also called Mexican Pavers. These tiles are very porous and the seal must be maintained to prevent excessive wear. The process to refinish Saltillo Tiles begins with removing old coatings . Any damaged areas are repaired and a new seal is applied to the floor. Several coats of finish are applied over the sealer to complete the job. The level of gloss desired determines the number of coats applied to the tiles.

The layering of the final finish on top of the sealer saves you money. The final finish enables you to avoid having to completely refinish your Saltillo Tiles for a much longer time. When this final finish wears down it should be reapplied before the sealer has become damaged. If the finish is not reapplied the sealer may be damaged allowing stains to penetrate.