Marble Polishing
Marble Polish AfterMarble PolishingMarble's appeal is that it is a stone with amazing character and beauty. Marble's weakness is that it is very soft. This softness allows the surface to be easily scratched with ordinary use. Common household liquids like vinegar or fruit juices can leave acid burns which can be very obvious.  Marble polishing can remove burns and scratches and restore a surface to a glossy finish.

Marble polishing is done in a step by step process that begins with the cleaning of the surface. Next, the heavy scratches are removed with a low grit sanding pad. The polish is restored to the marble by using finer and finer polishing pads until the surface shines. Then a sealer is applied to finish the marble polishing.

Even a well sealed marble surface can be damaged by common household liquids that contain acid like wine, fruit juices, and vinegar. Clean up spills on marble instantly. Marble polishing can remove light damage caused by these liquids but deep etches may require the removal of too much material to be practical.