Grout Sealing
Grout SealingSanded Grout Sealed BeforeGrout sealing is required to keep your tile and grout looking good and lasting longer. Grout Pro uses the best quality grout sealer for each application. Every tile surface is different and the way each surface will be used is different. We use the right sealer for the right application. Grout sealing done incorrectly or sloppily can cause problems and frustration. We uses professional strength sealers and apply them with care and attention to detail using specialized grout sealing tools which gives your grout a better, longer lasting seal. We vent any grout sealing fumes to keep the home comfortable while the work is being done.

Grout sealing will not solve all problems with tile and grout but it is a good place to start. To help maintain your surfaces clean up any spills promptly and keep areas as dry as possible. Avoid damaging your surface by not using cleaners that are strong enough to damage the tile, grout, stone or the grout sealing. Cleaners that cannot be used in an enclosed space may be an indication that they are too strong for normal cleaning and can cause damage requiring the grout sealing to be redone or the grout to need further repair.