Grout Recoloring
Floor Grout RecoloringGrout Recoloring BeforeGrout recoloring is a process by which dyes are applied restoring the color to grout that has become discolored. Grout recoloring is a process that begins with meticulous cleaning which removes any old sealers, oils or cleaner residues so that the grout recoloring agents will adhere well. These grout recoloring dyes are then applied to the grout lines only using specialized tools that work the product deeply into the texture of the grout lines. A final finishing process completes the grout recoloring.

During the restoration process Grout recoloring can be used instead of a complete regrout in appropriate situations. This saves time and money. Grout Pro can help you decide which is best ways to restore your surface based on the current condition of the surface and the way in which the surface is to be utilized.