Chip Repair
The chip repair process can be used with natural stone to fill in chips or holes with resins. The repaired area is then sanded to match the level or contour of the stone. Chip repair restores a damaged surface returning the stone to it's original state.

Some natural stones develop pits and chips during the fabrication process. The chip repair process has already been used to fill in the imperfections in the stone before the final polish. There is no need to put up with chips and pits in your marble or granite. Chip repair can restore the damaged areas. 

Chip repair for damaged tiles consists of using chip repair paints. These paints do not match the color of the tile perfectly but can improve the look of some chipped tiles. During the chip repair process different colors are custom mixed to match colors as closely as possible. The color of the chip repair may still vary from the color of the tile. Tile replacement is recommended as the best solution for chipped ceramic tile if replacement tiles are available.