Caulking in a ShowerCaulking in a Shower AfterCaulking plays an important role in maintaining your tile, grout and stone. The caulking is a waterproofing around sinks, tubs, at backsplashes and in the corners of tub and shower walls. When the caulking fails, water can get into the wall or surface and cause damage.  Caulking can fail due to the incorrect type of caulking being used or because it is old or has been damaged by excessive moisture or chemicals. When the caulking fails it must be removed, old residues cleaned away and new caulking applied.

Caulking comes in colors and textures to match your grout and will match your tile.  Grout Pro blends the caulking into the tile or grout to make a beautiful functional surface.

The newer caulks have antibacterial agents that help prevent mold and mildew and last longer than older caulking materials. Since moisture can soften caulking, the drier the caulking is kept the longer it will last. Keeping areas behind sinks, edges of tubs and showers as dry as possible and avoiding puddles which can take hours to evaporate will greatly improve the length of time the caulking will last.